Razer Mako 2.1 Advanced Desktop Audio Speaker

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Razer Mako 2.1 Advanced Desktop Audio Speaker

The Razer Mako™ 2.1 bi-amplified multimedia speaker system is co-developed by the audio scientists of gaming audio leader Razer™ and audio industry pioneer THX Ltd. It is the first desktop speaker system to incorporate the THX Ground Plane™ and THX Slot Speaker™ technologies, as well as ClassHD™ Digital Amplifier Technology, which enable rich, omnidirectional audio effects that will redefine the desktop sound experience.

OmniDirectional Expanded Soundstage with THX Technologies
The innovative downward-firing design of the THX Ground Plane™ and THX Slot Speaker™ technologies eliminates distortion caused by the 'desk-bounce' phenomenon encountered with normal speaker systems, to create a rich, omnidirectional soundstage.

ClassHD™ Digital Amplifier Technology
The high-end ClassHD™ digital amplifier technologies intelligently manages the amplifier power to achieve greater power efficiency, lower distortion levels, and markedly better sound quality.

Exceptional Audio Quality with Bi-Amplified Satellites
The bi-amplified 50W satellites with DSP control deliver exceptional audio quality comparable to recording studio standards.

Technical Specifications

* THX-certified quality and performance
* ClassHD™ digital amplifier technology with digital DSP control
* Higher efficiency curves, improved SNR and EMI, and lowered distortion levels
* Patented THX® Ground Plane and THX Slot Speaker™ technologies
* Downward-firing design with optimized acoustic enclosure
* All-in-one remote control pod with touch-sensitive LED dial
* 3.5mm auxiliary input minijack
* 3.5mm headphone minijack
* RCA audio input
* Frequency Range:25-20,000Hz (+/-2.5dB 40-18,000Hz)
* Total system power: 300W RMS