Sharp TD-ASP1S Time Domain Speakers

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Sharp TD-ASP1S Time Domain Speakers

Sharp introduces a new active speaker system based on Time Domain Technology1. The TD-ASP1S Active Speaker System delivers crystal-clear, omni-directional sound designed for use in personal home theater, multimedia and portable audio players. The stylish aluminum enclosures with unique cylindrical design are ideal for any environment or home decor.


Reduce Unwanted Vibrations
The cylindrical design and aluminum enclosures of the TD-ASP1S Time Domain Speakers help to suppress unwanted vibration. In conventional box-shaped speakers, a variety of diffracted and reflected sounds merge inside the speaker and obscure and interfere with the original sound. In the TD-ASP1S, the speaker unit is suspended inside the enclosure and is connected to a virtual ground pole. This unique design enables the TD-ASP1 to produce unsurpassed sound much closer to the original source.

Overcome Limitations of Directivity
The TD-ASP1S Time Domain Speakers incorporate a non-directional output for even, smoothly blended sound. In conventional speakers with directional output, left and right channel sound is often distorted due to the strong directional effects of the baffle boards inside the speaker. The TD-ASP1S speakers are oriented vertically and produce a coherent sound that spreads evenly throughout the listening space.

Benefits of Coherent Sound Pressure Waves from Time Domain Technology
Time Domain Technology ensures the TD-ASP1S delivers coherent waves of sound to produce a wide, room-filling sweet spot with minimal reflected sound. Conventional speakers deliver directional sound, producing a narrow sweet spot with specific sound localization. The TD-ASP1S’s unique Time Domain Technology increases the sweet spot listening area to a wide sound stage, therefore filling the room with quality sound. Time Domain Technology also requires less power to reach the listener and is therefore a very efficient speaker technology.

Compatible with a Variety of Sources
TD-ASP1S active speakers add depth and clarity to any home theater, multimedia and portable audio listening experience. The sleek, contemporary styling and unique cylindrical design of the TD-ASP1S coordinate perfectly with the latest flat panel LCD televisions.

Additional Features
Include a built-in amplifier, multi voltage AC Adaptor (AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz), 5mm-thick aluminum enclosures and gold-plated terminals for high quality signal transmission.


Power Source: DC 12V: AC adaptor (AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz)
Power Output (FTC): 2.5 W minimum RMS per channel into 4 ohms from 130 Hz to 15 kHz with no more than 10% T.H.D.
Jacks: Speaker Output: 4 ohms (right speaker)
Speaker Input: 4 ohms (left speaker)
DC Input: 12V (right speaker)
Line Input: 150 mV/4k ohms (right speaker)
Speaker Type: Magnetically shielded 2" (5cm)
Accessories: Multi-voltage AC Adapter (AC 100-240 V, 50/60Hz)
Speaker Cable (R channel to L channel)
Stereo Audio Cable – A (3.5 mm plug to 3.5 mm plug) (x1)
Stereo Audio Cable – R (3.5 mm plug to RCA-type Plugs) (x1)
Cable Clamp (x2)
Screws (x2)
Dimensions (w x h x d): 4-7/8" x 12-13/16" x 5-15/16"
Weight: 4.3lbs. (right speaker),4.2lbs. (left speaker)