Sony SA-WX700 250 Watt Active Subwoofer

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Sony SA-WX700 250 Watt Active Subwoofer

Variable High-Cut Frequency Control 50 - 200 Hz:
Frequency Response: 20 - 200 Hz
Low Boost Function:
Built-in Digital Amplifier with 250 Watts into 3 ohms from 20 Hz - 200 Hz at 0.8% THD:
Push-Pull Design in Closed Cabinet:
Dual 10" Drivers:
Level Control:
Phase Invert Switch:
Digital Amplifier Technology: Advantage, Benefit, Demonstration
Speaker Level Inputs: Advantage, Benefit, Demonstration
Push Pull Dual Woofer Design: Advantage, Benefit, Demonstration
Video Shielded Speakers: Advantage, Benefit, Demonstration
Dual Driver Woofer Design: Advantage, Benefit, Demonstration
Auto Power On/Off:
Speaker Cables and RCA Cable Included:
Low Bass Boost:
Line-Level and Speaker-Level Inputs:
Line Output for Additional Subwoofer:
Speaker Level Outputs:

High Cut Frequency: 50 - 200 Hz (Variable)

Audio Features
Bass Driver(s): Yes (Dual 10" Drivers)
Digital Amplifier: Yes
Level Control: Yes
Phase Switch: Yes (Invert Switch)

Power Consumption (in Operation): 70W (Subwoofer)
Power Consumption (in Standby): less then .5W (Subwoofer)
Power Requirements: 120V AC, 60 Hz

Frequency Response: Subwoofer- 20Hz-200Hz
Power Consumption (Subwoofer): 250W
Quantity (Packaged): 2 Subwoofer
Speaker Terminal Type: Line In & Line Out
Woofer Size(s): Subwoofer- 10" (25cm) x 2