Sony SRS-A212 Active Speaker System

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Sony SRS-A212 Active Speaker System

The SRS-A212 speaker system is perfectly designed for your portable audio or PC. These speakers features built-in Mega Bass®, on/off switch with volume control and are magnetically shielded so you can use them next to a TV or computer monitor.

Total power output 3.6W

66mm white cone type unit

Auto power ON/OFF function( with mode switch)

2 analog inputs for connecting to both DMP anbd PC

Front side input for direct connecting to DMP ( INPUT2

Magnetically Shielded

Suitable simple design both for portable audio and PC

Supplied AC adaptor

Volume control

Product Specifications

Weights and Measurements
* Cord Length (Approx.) : 1.5m
* Dimensions (Approx.) : W:93 x H:208 x D:151mm
* Weight (Approx.) : L=390 g, R=350 g
* Speaker Unit : 66mm
* AC Power : Adaptor
* Output Power : 1.8W+1.8W = 3.6W
* Function : Power ON/OFF;Volume Control;Magnetically shielded
* Plug : L-shaped stereo mini plug
Inputs and Outputs
* Input(s) : Input1:st-mini plugin In2:st-mini jack
* Frequency Response : 100 Hz ~ 20kHz
* Impedance : 4 ohms
* Sensitivity : 80 db/W/m