CoolMax CN-390 Network Attach Storage

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CoolMax CN-390 Network Attach Storage

Coolmax presents the new economical, cost-saving NAS Model CN-390 SATA Network Enclosure – supporting SATA I/II disks up to 1 TB! You can easily share files among Windows, Mac, and Linux clients via a local network or remote access via web or FTP. Its simple, web-based interface is easy to configure and requires no drivers or servers! Password protection delivers folder-level security. It is perfectly designed for a quiet environment with its aluminum housed noise-free design. Not a techy? Not to worry. This NAS is user-friendly - simple to understand, easy to use.


- Built in Ethernet switch port; provides easy access to shared data via LAN
- Suitable for one (1) 3.5" SATA I/II hard drive with capacities up to 1 TB
- Supports FTP Server, DHCP Server, UPNP AV Server
- Supports FTP Server on LAN, TCP/IP and SNTP protocol
- Compatible with DSL routers/modems
- Under network environment, it supports one (1) 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet port
- Features iTune Server, Print Server, Network Time Server, FTP Server
- Low power consumption with its Sleep Mode feature
- Aluminum housing noise-free design with fan to increase cooling
- Password management provides secure access to hard drive and web management
- Supports hardware reset function with reset switch