Dell NX4 Network Attached Storage

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Dell NX4 Network Attached Storage

Dell NX4 is an exceptionally flexible, enterprise-class file storage solution that can save time and lower costs in mixed Windows®  and Linux® /UNIXTM  environments

* Share files easily between Windows, Linux and UNIX clients
* Single management interface, at-a-glance system status and monitoring
* No-compromise availability
* Optimize storage utilization with virtual provisioning
* Increase storage efficiency with built-in compression and file deduplication

Now users in Windows, Linux, and UNIX environments can share files easily and efficiently. Dell NX4 network attached storage is an exceptionally flexible, enterprise-class file storage solution that can help you save administrative time and lower costs in your mixed file-protocol environment.

The Dell NX4 NAS solution is a pre-integrated solution that includes the Data Access in Real Time (DART) operating system, which is optimized for multi-protocol network file and block access. DART's sophisticated file-locking mechanisms simultaneously support NFS and CIFS protocols so UNIX and Windows clients can seamlessly share files without compromising data integrity.

The Dell NX4 NAS device comes preloaded with powerful, feature-rich Celerra Manager software with an intuitive, web-based management and at-a-glance system status and monitoring. You can increase storage utilization, improve backup and restore, and migrate data easily.

Celerra®  Startup Assistant performs software initialization—you can be sharing files on the network in as little as fifteen minutes from power-up. Celerra Automated Volume Management lets you provision a file system by workload in only four clicks. Simply enter the file system name and size, select the workload type, and Automated Volume Management does the rest. You get ease of use without sacrificing enterprise-class functionality.

Administrators can complete everyday tasks from storage provisioning to data archiving fast, freeing up time to concentrate on your other critical business requirements.


Operating System: Celerra Data Access in Real Time (DART)
File Access Protocols: CIFS, NFS, FTP
Block Access Protocols: iSCSI and Fibre Channel
Form Factor: 5U Rack
Number of Processors: 2 per X-Blade
Processors Supported: Dual 2.8GHz Pentium IV Processors per X-Blade
Internal Storage: 12TB with 12 1TB1 SATA drives
Expandability: 60TB with 60 1TB1 SATA drives in 4 additional Disk Array Enclosures
Drives Supported: 3.5' SATA (7.2K rpm) 1TB, 3.5' SAS (15K rpm) 146GB, 300GB, 400GB
HW RAID Levels: RAID 0, 1, 1/0, 3, 5 and 6 (RAID 1, 5 and 6 for IP storage)
Network Connectivity: 1GB Ethernet, 4GB Fibre Channel
Integrated Backend Expansion Ports: Two 4Gb Fibre Channel
Hardware Redundancy: Hot-Swappable Drives: Yes; Power Supplies/Fans: Yes
Cluster: Yes (Primary/Primary and Primary/Standby)
Systems Management: Celerra Manager
Remote Management: Celerra Manager

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