HP StorageWorks 2000i Modular Smart Array

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HP StorageWorks 2000i Modular Smart Array

The HP StorageWorks 2000i Modular Smart Array selection of SAN devices features the very latest in efficient consolidation, functionality and technology at very affordable prices. The ideal customers needing to consolidate their storage include smaller companies with tight budgets and limited IT expertise, or larger companies that have perhaps hundreds of smaller departments and remote locations. The MSA2000i features a 1Gb Ethernet (1GbE) iSCSI connected array. It allows customers to grow their storage as demands increase up to 14.4TB SAS or 36TB SATA, supporting up to 16 hosts for iSCSI attach. All models support the optional HP StorageWorks 2000 Modular Smart Array Snapshot Software which offers controller-based snapshot and cloning functionality. Planning for future growth is easy by starting with the basic modular pieces and adding capacity as needs arise.

The MSA2000i offers flexibility in that it is available in two models: a single controller version for lowest price with future expansion, and a dual controller model for the more demanding entry-level situations that require higher availability. Each model comes standard with twelve drive bays able to simultaneously accommodate 3.5-inch enterprise-class, dual-ported SAS drives and archival-class SATA drives. Additional capacity can easily be added when needed by attaching up to three MSA2000 12-bay drive enclosures. Maximum raw capacity ranges from 3.6TB SAS or 9TB SATA in the base cabinet, to over 14.4TB SAS or 36TB SATA with the addition of the three drive enclosures. The MSA2000 family of arrays are cost efficient in that there are never additional hidden charges, licenses or fees as you add enclosures or hosts and users.

Features & Benefits

* New generation iSCSI SANs manage data growth more cost effectively: The HP StorageWorks 2000i Modular Smart Array manages growing storage requirements across multiple HP ProLiant servers for customers who need a centralized dedicated storage solution for applications. iSCSI SANs promote cost-effective growth and increased protection of the data in a familiar Ethernet environment.
* Excellent price-performance with the flexibility to focus on your needs: The MSA2000 arrays offer a choice of drives: high performance enterprise class SAS drives and low cost, high capacity archival class SATA.
* Dual iSCSI ports per controller: Significant performance benefits with two 1GbE iSCSI ports per controller.
* High availability for business continuity: Reduce risk of IT failure with active-active controllers, dual-ported drives, and redundant hardware components.
* Controller-based HP StorageWorks 2000 Modular Smart Array Snapshot Software: Gives an additional level of data protection. Controller-based snaps require no host resources being used and they produce space-efficient, copy-on-write snapshots and clones.
* Improve productivity and prevent data loss: RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50. Redundant hardware with automatic failover resulting in less downtime.
* Easy to service: Supports customer replaceable hot plug components such as drives, controllers, fans and power supplies.
* Easy to manage and configure providing investment protection: Reduced time to operation with easy and secure deployment. Reduced risk from operator errors, resulting in less downtime and data loss, while increasing customer satisfaction.
* Space-efficient design: vThe array unit itself only occupies 2U of rack space and includes 12 drive bays. There is no requirement for a special UPS that takes additional space to protect the cache because the protection comes standard within the unit. Each additional drive enclosure also only occupies 2U of rack space.
* Room to grow: The MSA2000i array family can support up to 3 drive enclosures and 48 drives.