Promise SuperSwap 1100 Serial ATA Hot-Swap Drive Enclosure

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Promise SuperSwap 1100 Serial ATA Hot-Swap Drive Enclosure

Hot-Swap Drive Enclosure for Serial ATA 3Gb/s Hard Drives

* Enables Hot Swapping of Serial ATA 3Gb/s Drives
* Protects Components During Hot Swap
* Supports One Serial ATA 3Gb/s Drive
* Fits in Standard 5.25" Space

Combine the SuperSwap 1100 with your fault-tolerant Promise Serial ATA RAID array for a professional hot swappable network server or workstation storage subsystem. The SuperSwap drive chassis and housing permits failed drive replacement without powering down the server or opening the PC so your data is always available.

Hot swap is supported in the SATA specification, but implementing a hot swap solution requires more than simply using Serial ATA drives--you must use an enclosure like the SuperSwap 1100 that provides hard disk access while the system operates.

With the SuperSwap 1100 and a Promise Serial ATA RAID solution, replacing a failed drive with a working drive couldn't be easier. Just unlock and slide out the SuperSwap 1100 drive carrier from the housing, exchange drives, and slide the carrier back in, all without powering down the system. Promise Serial ATA RAID adapter cards instantly begin rebuilding data to the working drive.

Hot Swap is an essential feature for the RAID storage required by high-availability servers. If you are using a RAID array for data protection (RAID1, RAID 0+1, or RAID 5), you need a SuperSwap drive enclosure for each drive in the array.

The SuperSwap 1100 also works with Promise Technology's SATA150 series non-RAID Serial ATA adapter cards, enabling a high-capacity removable storage solution. Now you have instant access to a low-cost, ultra-high capacity.

The SuperSwap 1100 is available in Charcoal and Beige.