Promise SuperSwap 4100 Serial ATA Hot-Swap Drive Enclosure

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Promise SuperSwap 4100 Serial ATA Hot-Swap Drive Enclosure

Hot-Swap Drive Enclosure for Serial ATA/3G Hard Drives

* Supports Four Serial ATA 3Gb/s Drives in Three-Drive Space
* Enables Hot Swapping of Serial ATA/3G Drives
* Monitors Enclosure's Fan Speed, Power and Temperature Status
* Features Redundant Cooling Fans and Power Connectors

Cost-Effective High Availability Internal Storage
Combine the SuperSwap 4100 with your fault-tolerant Promise Serial ATA RAID array to setup a cost-effective, high-availability server or workstation storage subsystem.The SuperSwap 4100 enclosure system is compact with support for four Serial ATA drives in three drive spaces. It enables hard drive hot swap capability in the event of drive failure.The SuperSwap 4100 also features redundant cooling fans and power connectors for added high-availability protection.

* Compact: The SuperSwap 4100 supports four Serial ATA drives in the space used for three drives (5 inches), reducing the amount of physical space required for storage in your server or workstation.
* Hot swappable: The SuperSwap drive chassis and housing permits failed drive replacement without powering down the server or opening the PC so your data is always available.
* Integrated solution: The SuperSwap 4100 offers several advantages over four individual hot swap drive enclosure systems.
- Lower cost than four individual drive enclosures
- Only three drive spaces needed for four drives

An Advanced Drive Carrier System
More than just a hot-swap drive carrier, the SuperSwap 4100 also provides numerous advanced features that offer added protection for your storage system. The cable-free drive-to-chassis connection improves signal quality and data integrity. The carrier clasp mechanism prevents unwanted removal of your disk drive.

* Enclosure Management: When combined with a FastTrak RAID controller, the SuperSwap 4100 provides sophisticated enclosure management tools, the kind used in enterprise storage systems. With Promise's SuperSwap 4100, you can monitor the fan, temperature, and enclosure power status at all times using Promise Array Management software.
* Delayed spin-up: For systems that use more than two drives, the SuperSwap 4100 features a delayed spin-up switch that enables the user to stagger the time when the drives spin-up, eliminate induced brown-outs, and protect the system and storage hardware.
* Enclosure linking: The SuperSwap 4100 offers the flexibility to daisy chain additional SuperSwap enclosures to meet increasing storage needs. For example, two SuperSwap 4100 enclosures or one SuperSwap 4100 and up to four SuperSwap 1100 enclosures can be linked to support up to eight Serial ATA drives.

Simplified Hot Swap for Serial ATA Drives
Hot Swap is an essential feature for the RAID storage required by high-availability servers. Hot swap is supported in the SATA specification, but implementing a hot swap solution requires more than simply using Serial ATA drives-you must use an enclosure like the SuperSwap 4100 that provides hard disk access while the system operates.

With the SuperSwap 4100 and a Promise Serial ATA RAID solution, replacing a failed drive with a working drive couldn't be easier. Just unclasp the quick-release latch on the drive chassis and slide out the SuperSwap 4100 drive carrier from the housing, exchange drives, and slide the carrier back in, all without powering down the system. Promise Serial ATA RAID adapter cards instantly begin rebuilding data to the working drive.