Motorola SX-1000 StatmuxIP Controller

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Motorola SX-1000 StatmuxIP Controller

The SX-1000 is a multiplexer platform designed to support the StatmuxIP statistical multiplexing application. Statistical multiplexing is a proven technique that is usually applicable for multi program video delivery over cable or satellite. An MPEG-4 AVC statistical multiplex will offer lower bit rates per service when compared to an MPEG-2 system. Lower average bit rates per service will offer more encoders per pool and hence result in greater efficiency through better statistical averaging.

* MPEG-4 AVC statistical multiplexing
* Closed loop control for maximum efficiency
* WAN messaging for distributed StatmuxIP
* FEC protected messaging for network resilience
* Supports asynchronous encoders
* Four Ethernet ports
* ASI output option
* Low power, 1RU chassis
* SNMPv2 interface with published MIB
* Web browser control interface

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