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GE 29096GE1 Call Waiting Caller ID Adjunct Box

GE 29096GE1 Call Waiting Caller ID Adjunct Box

Caller ID Box with Call-Waiting Compatibility and 70 Name and Number Memory — Shows name and/or number of incoming call even if you’re on the phone with another caller. Memory holds information for the latest 70 calls.

Easy-To-Read 3-Line Display — Displays date and time of each call and call sequence number.

Forward/Reverse Call Review with Delete — Allows user to scroll through the list of incoming calls and delete those not wanted.

Dial Back Function — Quickly dials any selected number from the CID records.

Trilingual Message Display — Display can be viewed in English, French, or Spanish.

Built-in Clock and Calendar with Automatic Date-and-Time Set — Displays current date and time for handy reference. Date and time set automatically with frst incoming call.

Flash Function — Allows access to subscription services like 3-way calling when a telephone is connected to the caller ID box.

Number of Lines: 1
Flash Functon: Yes, When Telephone Connected
Multilingual Message Display: English, French, Spanish

Automatic Date & Time Set: Yes
Built-in Clock and Calendar: Yes
Caller ID Memory: 70
Caller ID Review & Delete: Yes
Call-Waiting Caller ID: Yes
Dial-Back Function: Yes

New Message Indicator: Yes

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