Panasonic KX-TD500 Digital Super Hybrid Telephone System

Panasonic Updated: 2007-06-26
Panasonic KX-TD500 Digital Super Hybrid Telephone System
Capacity  192 CO Lines (max.)
448 Stations (max.)
512 Ports
Dialing Method  Tone/Pulse
Dialing Conversion  Tone to Pulse or Pulse to Tone
Switching  Non-Blocking PCM Time Switch
Power Failure Transfer Function  Yes
Power Failure Memory Back-up  Seven years with factory-provided lithium battery
Power Failure System Operation  Four hours using recommended batteries (consisting of two DC 12V 40 Ah automobile type batteries)
CO Line  Amphenol Connector
Stations  Amphenol Connector
Telephone Compatibility  KX-T7400, T7700, T7800 series as well as Single Line Telephones
Paging Output  Pin Jack (RCA Jack)
External Music Input  2-conductor jack
Power Source  AC 120V, 60 Hz
Live Call Screening  Yes
Remote Live Call Screening  Yes
Two-Way Record  Yes
Two-Way Transfer  Yes
Intercom Paging  Yes
Direct Mailbox Access  Yes
Automatic Configuration  Yes
Absent Message Capability  Yes
Account Code Entry  Yes
Alternate Calling  Yes
Answer and Release Buttons Operation  Yes
Answering, Direct Trunk  Yes
Auto Hands-Free Dialing  Yes
Automatic Callback Busy (Camp On)  Yes
Automatic Hold  Yes
Automatic Redial  Yes
Automatic Route Selection (ARS)  Yes
Automatic Station Release  Yes
Background music (BGM)  Yes
Bilingual Display  Yes
Busy Lamp Field  Yes
Busy Station Signaling (BSS)  Yes
Call Forwarding, All Calls  Yes
Call Forwarding, Busy  Yes
Call FOrwarding, Busy/No Answer  Yes
Call Forwarding, Follow Me  Yes
Call Forwarding, No Answer  Yes
Call Forwarding, To CO or TIE Line  Yes
Call Hold  Yes
Call Log  Yes
Call Park  Yes
Call Pickup  Yes
Call Splitting  Yes
Call Transfer  Yes
Call Transfer, Screened  Yes
Call Transfer, Unscreened  Yes
Call Waiting  Yes
Caller ID Service  Yes
Calling Party Control (CPC) Signal Detection  Yes
Class of Service (COS)  Yes
Conference  Yes
Conference, Unattended  Yes
Confirmation Tones  Yes
Consultation Hold  Yes
Data Line Security  Yes
Delayed Ringing  Yes
Dial Tones, Distinctive  Yes
Dial Type Selection  Yes
Direct In Lines (DIL)  Yes
DIL 1: N Group  Yes
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)  Yes
Direct Inward System Access (DISA)  Yes
Direct Station Selection (DSS)  Yes
Directed Call pickup  Yes
Do Not Disturb (DND)  Yes
Do Not Disturb Override  Yes
Door Opener  Yes
Doorphone Call  Yes
DSS Console  Yes
Electronic Station Lockout  Yes
Emergency Call  Yes
End-to-End DTMF Signaling  Yes
Exclusive Hold  Yes
Executive Busy Override  Yes
External Feature Access  Yes
External Modem Control  Yes
Extra Device Port (XDP)  Yes
Flash  Yes
Flexible Button  Yes
Flexible Numbering  Yes
Floating Station  Yes
Group Call Pickup  Yes
Group CO Button  Yes
Handset/Headset Selection  Yes
Handset Microphone Mute (7400 series PT only)  Yes
Handsfree Answerback  Yes
Handsfree Operation  Yes
Hold Recall  Yes
Host PBX Access  Yes
Inter Office Calling  Yes
Intercept Routing  Yes
Intercom  Yes
Last Number Redial  Yes
LED Indication  Yes
Limited Call Duration  Yes
Line Preference  Yes
Local Alarm  Yes
Lockout  Yes
Log-In/Log-Out  Yes
Manager Extension  Yes
Message Waiting  Yes
Microphone Mute  Yes
Mixed Station Capabilities  Yes
Music On Hold  Yes
Night Service  Yes
Off-Hook Call Announcement (OHCA)  Yes
Off-Hook Monitor (7400 series PT only)  Yes
Off-Premise Extension (OPX)  Yes
One-Touch Dialing  Yes
One-Touch Transfer  Yes
Operator Call  Yes
Outgoing Message (OGM)  Yes
OGM Group  Yes
Paging  Yes
Paralleled Telephone  Yes
Pause Insertion, Automatic  Yes
PDN Call  Yes
Phantom Extension  Yes
Pickup Dialing (Hot Line)  Yes
Power Failure Restart  Yes
Power Failure Transfer  Yes
Privacy, Automatic  Yes
Quick Dialing  Yes
Redial  Yes
Released Link Operation  Yes
Remote Station Lock Control  Yes
Ringing, Delayed  Yes
Ringing, Discriminating  Yes
Ringing, Tone Selection  Yes
Ringing, Transfer (DN type PT only)  Yes
Saved Number Redial  Yes
Secret Dialing  Yes
Speed Dialing Station  Yes
Station Hunting  Yes
Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR)  Yes
TIE Lines  Yes
Time-Out, Variable  Yes
Timed Reminder (Wake-Up Call)  Yes
Toll Restriction  Yes
Traffic Measurement  Yes
Trunk Access  Yes
Trunk Answer From Any Station (TAFAS)  Yes
T-1  Yes
User Programming  Yes
Volume Control  Yes
VPS Integration  Yes
Walking COS  Yes
Walking Station  Yes
Whisper Off-Hook Call Announcement (WOHCA)  Yes
Dimensions (H x W x D)  185/8'' x 1931/32'' x 93/4''
Weight  54.42 lbs