Panasonic KX-TD7680 Multi-Cell Wireless Phone

Panasonic Updated: 2007-06-26
Panasonic KX-TD7680 Multi-Cell Wireless Phone
Cordless Technology  2.4GHz ISM Band (FHSS)
Multi Cell Handover  Yes
Multi-System Registration  Yes, up to 4 systems
Navigator Key  Yes
Speed Dialer  Yes, 100 Stations
Security Settings  Yes
Multi-Function Backlit LCD  Yes, 3-Line Backlit
Signal Strength Indication  Yes
Handset Belt Clip  Yes
Caller ID Compatible  Yes
Ringer Modes  6 rings
Vibrate Mode  Yes
Hands-Free Headset Jack  Yes
Soft Keys  Yes
Desk & Wall-Mountable Charger Base  Yes
Battery  High capacity, quick recharging Ni-MH
Message Waiting Indicator  Yes
Speaker Phone  Yes
Auto Answer  Yes
Transfer, Hold, Function and Info Keys  Yes
Adjustable LCD Contrast   Yes
PBX Functionality Support  Yes, PBX system features can be accessed with handset
Dimensions (H x W x D)  5.94'' x 7.88'' x 1.25''
Weight  0.32 lbs