Mitsubishi LT-46231 1080p LCD Flat Panel HDTV

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-13
Mitsubishi LT-46231 1080p LCD Flat Panel HDTV

The LT-46231 is loaded with TV Guide On Screen® and Mitsubishi's proprietary NetCommand®, which allows you to control your entire home theater system from a single, fully illuminated remote or the included simple second remote.

The Diamond LT-46231 LCD Flat Panel HDTV offers 1080p performance. Mitsubishi's Full Spectrum Color™ technology produces 25% more color than standard LCDs for more intense, vivid images. The picture is further enhanced by an all-new digital signal processing system which includes Plush1080p™ for precise deinterlacing and upconversion to 1080p, 4D Video Noise Reduction for smooth yet detailed images, and Tru1080p™ for processing the highest resolution HDTV signals in their native format.

* 1920 x 1080 Pixel Resolution
* Plush1080p™
* 4D Video Noise Reduction
* Tru1080p™ Processing
* PerfectColor™
* PerfecTint™

This Diamond 46" HDTV includes two HDMI™ inputs, an IEEE 1394 interface, along with DVI-I and component inputs that provide connection to almost any HD component. ClearThought® Easy Connect makes set-up so easy by recognizing when a component is connected.

* Digital Cable Ready with CableCard™ slot.
* TV Guide On Screen®
* ClearThought™ Easy Connect
* 2 HDMI™ Input
* 3 Component Video Inputs
* IEEE 1394
* NetCommand® IR