Mitsubishi WD-Y57 1080p DLP Television

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-13
Mitsubishi WD-Y57 1080p DLP Television

The WD-Y57 and WD-Y65 1080p DLP® HDTVs feature Mitsubishi’s 6-Color Light Engine and unique TurboLight150™ lamp system. These 57" and 65" HDTVs produce a big, bright and bold picture with unsurpassed detail and vibrant colors. At its heart is a Mitsubishi exclusive 6-Color 1080p Light Engine, the first to offer 6-color processing. This proprietary Mitsubishi digital light engine provides the perfect picture, whether watching broadcast, cable or satellite TV, as well as DVD or video games.

Always-Perfect Picture
The picture of the WD-Y57 and WD-Y65 is further enhanced by an all-new digital signal processing system. Plush1080p® allows for precise deinterlacing and upconversion to 1080p. 4D Video Noise Reduction creates smooth yet detailed images. And Tru1080p™ processes the highest resolution HDTV signals in their native format.

* 1080P DLP® Display
* Mitsubishi Exclusive 6-Color Light Engine
* TurboLight150™
* Plush1080p™
* Tru1080p™ Processing
* 4D Video Noise Reduction
* PerfectColor™
* Video Modes: Brilliant / Bright / Natural

TV your way
These models are Digital Cable Ready HDTVs with a CableCARD™ slot, so digital cable channels can be viewed without a cable box and includes TV Guide On Screen® for its easy-to-use and subscription-free program guide. Both televisions have two HDMI™ inputs, two component video inputs and a DVI-I input for a digital PC connection. ClearThought® Easy Connect recognizes inputs as they are plugged in to simplify set up and NetCommand® with IR learning gives you control of your home theater system with a single remote.

* Digital Cable Ready HDTV with CableCARD™ Slot
* TV Guide On Screen®
* ClearThought™ Easy Connect
* NetCommand® IR
* 2 HDMI™ Input
* PC DVI-I Input
* 2 Rear Component Video Inputs
* IEEE 1394
* Partially-Illuminated Remote