Philips SRU4008 Universal Remote Control

Philips Updated: 2008-09-21 RSS
Philips SRU4008 Universal Remote Control

Perfect remote for the operation of any digital product as well as DSS and cable set top boxes. Full EL back lighting with oversized buttons.

Every button lights up for easy viewing
Back lighting is great except some times the light is not spread correctly across the key pad. Hot spots tend to light up some keys, and others appear dull. EL spreads the light evenly across the entire keypad.

Includes most of the buttons to operate DVR
If you have a DVR whether free standing or included in a set top box, the standard set of buttons are on our remotes in order to properly operate the DVR. This includes all the standard, play, stop, fast forward, etc., along with T central, thumbs up/down, and volume up/down, and repeat.

The silver and black finish matches components
Do you want a blue remote when you have an expensive piano black finish LCD flat screen? No, you want a piano black remote that matches your components. These remotes come in colors that match current component trends, like silver, black, silver and black, and a high gloss piano black finish.

Includes all the buttons to operate DVR, DVD and SAT
Match the correct buttons with your lost or replacement remote with advanced DVD keys such as angle, zoom, subtitle, open/close, repeat, and title. For SAT you need guide, info, select, OK, scroll keys, quit, and menu. For DVR, play, fast forward, stop, record, T Central, thumbs up/down, chapter scan, and repeat.

Dash key allows you to access off air digital channels
Regardless of make or model of the new digital television you just bought, or one you have owned for some time, you want to enjoy the great picture, on all channels. With the dash (-) key, you get access to all digital channels to enjoy for may years.