Pioneer PRO-1150HD KURO Flat Panel HDTV

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Pioneer PRO-1150HD KURO Flat Panel HDTV

Enter a world dedicated to the pursuit of pristine vision and flawless sound. Where everything you see is stunningly clear. Where everything you hear is unbelievably pure. Enter the world of Pioneer Elite®. A world where images so lifelike, motion so fluid and detail so great are just par for the course. A world where streaming HD movies, music and digital photos from a networked PC to your TV are so effortless they become part of your everyday life, thanks to the Home Media Gallery feature. It's a universe of things never before possible. Where the unimaginable becomes commonplace. It's an experience so unbelievably different, so undeniably powerful and so completely extraordinary, it will change the way you look at TV forever.

Open your eyes and prepare your ears for a world that looks and sounds completely different from anything that has come before. Open your eyes to a world where high-definition movies, music, digital photos or online media all perform in ways you've never seen or heard before — on a glorious shrine to sight and sound.

Discover the world of the Elite KURO PRO-1150HD. It's world that will change the way you see and hear TV forever. A world so rich, so intense, so beyond imagination you will quickly find yourself lost in maximum impact and total convenience. It's a universe defined by a tireless commitment to excellence and passion for accuracy. Where sight and sound are not just seen and heard, but felt in entirely new ways. Where every element of design, every technological advance has been carefully planned then executed. The result is a plasma television that transcends any other. It's a quantum leap. A revelation. The next step in high-definition.

Plasma Technology

High-Definition Resolution: 1365 x 768
50" Class (49.85" Diagonal): Yes
Deep Encased Cell Structure/Crystal Emissive Layer: Yes
Improved Color Filter For Enhanced Contrast: Yes
Improved ASIC Video Processing and Scaling: Yes
Detachable Side Speakers: Yes

Plasma Features

New & Improved Optimum Video Mode: Yes
Smooth Film Mode: Yes
4 Independent HDMI® 1.3 Inputs: Yes
Advanced PureCinema with 3:3 (72Hz) Pulldown: Yes
Fully Integrated ATSC and Dual NTSC Tuners: Yes
Built-In CableCard™ Slot: Yes
Home Media Gallery: Yes
ISF™ccc Calibration Ready: Yes
Independant Gamma Control (R/G/B) For Heightened Color Calibration: Yes
V-Chip Parental Control: Yes
TV Guide On Screen Interactive Guide (Ver. 9): Yes
Remote Control: Illuminated / Preset Mode / Learning Mode

Picture Settings

A/V Selection Memory: 9 options (Optimum / Dynamic / Standard / PURE / Movie / Game / User / ISF-Day / ISF-Night (PC input: only Standard & User
Aspect Ratio Control: 5 positions (Wide / Zoom / Cinema / Full / 4:3)
Advanced Picture-In-Picture: 4 positions
Still Picture Capability: Yes
Seamless Orbiter: (Off / On)
Auto Size: (Off / Natural / Wide-Zoom)
Side Mask Detection: (Off / On)
Side Mask Brightness: (Fixed / Auto)
Video Pattern: (White Bar)
Game Control Preference: (AV Selection only) (Off / On)
Intelligent Mode: (Off / On)