Samsung LN-T4065F LCD TV

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Samsung LN-T4065F LCD TV

The sleek LN-T4065F with full 1080p resolution is just the beginning. The color-saturated 40" picture displays rich color and captures the subtlest of nuances, all in smooth, lifelike motion. From hidden side speakers comes sound that surrounds you, enhanced by the premium audio of 2.2 channel dome speakers. You'll also enjoy controlling your other digital devices with the convenience of using just one remote.

key specifications

* Screen Size: 40"
* Aspect Ratio: 16:9
* Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080
* HDMI: 2

super clear
Super Clear Panel technology and 1080p high resolution deliver outstanding images. Experience amazing black details even in dark scenes. And brilliant clarity with an improved contrast ratio in bright scenes.

15,000:1 contrast ratio
The more color steps between the darkest and the brightest, the higher contrast ratio can be achieved. Making the dark color darker at best, Samsung's DLP® TV achieves Highest Contrast Ratio (Dynamic Contrast).

USB 2.0
The LN-T4065F provides USB 2.0 for your convenience in using many portable digital devices. Through USB connection, you can display photo/image files in your digital camera, USB memory stick or memory cards, and listen to mp3. Moreover, USB 2.0 support high speed of up to 480 Mbps which is 40 times faster than the speed of USB 1.1.

game mode
Can't get enough of video games? The LN-T 4065F enhances the excitement of the game with exhilarating graphics and awesome sound that makes you feel like a character in the game. When the game mode is turned on, the contrast in dark areas is amplified, the bass sound is enriched, and the response time to game console's movement is shortened, creating the best environment to enjoy fast-moving video games.

startlingly slim design
Sleek and modern, the LN-T4065F lends elegance to any décor. The super-slim bezel design, with full glossy black and chrome coating, has a premium look. Hidden side speakers deliver the astonishing acoustical richness of SRS TruSurround XT™ virtual surround sound. Careful touches further enhance the appearance and feel.

Energy Star compliant
By being Energy Star compliant you are assured that your Samsung model is helping the environment by using less energy while saving you money. ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy promoting energy efficiency.

wide color enhancer
Traditionally, blues and greens are weak colors, which are most affected by luminance. In bright scenes their color expression can appear bleak & weak. Hence with Wide Color Enhancer, experience the visualization of uncovered color domain such as spring sprout or summer sky blue.

anynet +
As CEC means Consumer Electronic Control, CEC system intelligence carries device control functions between all connected HDMI (CEC enabled) A/V devices. When you connect A/V devices like BD Player, AV Receiver, Home theater with HDMI cable, you can control all of them with one-touch control and a single remote control.

swivel stand
You can have an eye-catching display on the display-wall only through Samsung TV. You can watch comfortably when you are in another location (kitchen, bedroom, etc.) or when you take various postures (watching from a sofa or from the floor) operating it with remote control. And it's also useful when connecting cables to TV with other systems.

You can operate Extension / Swivel / Tilt by remote control. It has Auto Centering function built-in when TV turned off.

enjoy dazzlingly true-to-life images
There's high definition - and then there's Full HD 1080p resolution. Imagine detail so crisp, it's like watching images burst into life before your eyes. Even contrasts within shadowy scenes are heightened. SAMSUNG's super clear panel makes blacks dramatically darker to further enhance sharpness, while the screen's anti-reflective coating enhances color clarity, even in bright rooms.

the picture-in-picture advantage
A convenient touch to your viewing experience, Picture-in-Picture allows you to simultaneously display images from different sources. With this feature, you can watch your favorite TV program while accessing data from your computer. Or enjoy a DVD while keeping tabs on late-breaking news.