Sony KDL-40S3000 BRAVIA S series LCD Flat Panel HDTV

Sony Updated: 2007-08-11
Sony KDL-40S3000 BRAVIA S series LCD Flat Panel HDTV

Immerse yourself in an unprecedented level of depth, color and clarity with this 40" BRAVIA® S-Series digital LCD HDTV. Beautifully styled and built to the highest standards, this television adds class to any room while its picture makes watching your favorite movies and TV programs even more enjoyable. With the BRAVIA Engine™ full digital video processor, you immediately notice improved color and sharper details, no matter what you're watching. For uncompressed, all-digital audio and video integration, this HDTV features HDMI™ (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) and PC connectivity that lets you seamlessly hook up compatible PCs and components to the large display. An innovative light sensor also monitors ambient light in the room and automatically adjusts screen brightness, making it much more comfortable for viewing.

BRAVIA Engine™ Full Digital Video Processor
BRAVIA® S-Series LCD televisions use Sony's BRAVIA Engine™ full digital video processor for crisp and clear images. Several special picture enhancement technologies are integrated into the processor to create better gradations with more detail, enhance contrast, and dynamically improve color performance. > Digital Noise Reduction Circuits: Reduces block noise and mosquito noise by using pixel-level filtering to reproduce a clean and clear picture. And Motion Vector Noise Reduction reduces just the noise in the video signal for video further reducing unwanted noise and blur artifacts. > Digital Contrast Enhancer circuit: Improves contrast by enhancing all areas from dark to bright in parallel with texture control providing a three dimensional picture. > Color Reality signal processing enables the expression of all the colors of life in vivid detail for dark and bright scenes. Details in dark areas of the picture are there, just like they are supposed to be.

Live Color Creation (featuring WCG-CCFL)
Live Color Creation is a special Sony function that achieves precise, wide color reproduction using a combination of advanced chroma signal processing algorithms. A special wide color gamut backlight (WCG-CCFL) is coupled with Sony’s Live Color Creation circuitry. The benefit is clear blues, natural greens and overall vibrant colors in all scenes.

Xross Media Bar (XMB™) On-Screen Menu System
Xross Media Bar is Sony’s Emmy Award2 winning on-screen navigation that provides quick access to various set up functions and features. For instance selecting different types of media is made fun and easy by scrolling horizontally across icons until you find the type of media you are looking for. After selecting the media type, a list of its content appears as vertical thumbnails. Key set up menus and features work the same way. The main benefit of the XMB™ is that users can navigate through on-screen menus without taking their eyes off of their TV.

DMex Compatibility
DMex compatibility allows the connection and operation of a whole new category of products that is being developed by Sony (sold separately). The first of these products is the optional BRAVIA® Internet Video Link module.

BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™
BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ reduces the hassle and time consuming job of powering up, changing the signal routing, and adjusting other functions to the simple push of one button. All you need to do is to connect BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ capable products to each other via one HDMI cable. The rest is easy. For instance, the One Push Play function activates by touching the play button on the remote and BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ takes over from there. The BRAVIA® Home Theatre System and TV turn on. The DVD input on the BRAVIA® Theatre system and TV activates. The TV mutes. And finally the DVD plays. There are two other BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ functions - One-Push Theatre Settings, which provides optimal picture and sound settings for movies and One-Push System Shut Down for turning off the entire home entertainment system.

BRAVIA® Internet Video Link
The first DMex product to be introduced to the market is the DMX-NV1 BRAVIA® Internet Video Link module (sold separately). BIVL, as it is affectionately called, can stream available Internet video from select content providers directly to your TV with a broadband connection3 without the need for a PC.

S-Force™ Front Surround
S-Force™ Front Surround is a virtual surround sound experience made possible using just two front speakers ? in select BRAVIA models. To accomplish this, Sony spent several years studying how our ears work. By understanding exactly how we recognize the origin, direction, volume and timing differences in sound right and left ear, Sony was able to create complex audio processing that delivers dynamic virtual surround sound without the need to bounce sound off walls and back to the listener.

HDMI™ and PC Connectivity
Designed for maximum versatility, Sony’s BRAVIA S-Series Digital LCD TV line is equipped with a comprehensive range of input interfaces. The HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the first industry-supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface. HDMI technology supports enhanced or High Definition video, together with multi-channel digital audio to provide matchless image and sound reproduction. The HDMI and PC inputs (HD-15-pin) offer easy connection to your PC, allowing you to use your high resolution BRAVIA S-Series Digital TV as a computer monitor.

Light Sensor
Intelligently adjusts the screen brightness to match the ambient light in a room, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience. In a dim room for example the screen automatically reduces brightness making it much more comfortable for viewing.

Freeze Function
Sony’s Freeze Function is a useful function that allows you totemporarily freeze the picture in a separate screen while the programming continues to display. This comes in handy when you want to copy a recipe, phone number, etc. that flashes too quickly across your screen. Simply touch the “Freeze” button on the remote control and copy the details down at your convenience.