Toshiba 42LZ196 REGZA LCD TV

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Toshiba 42LZ196 REGZA LCD TV

PixelPure® Hi-Bit12-Bit Digital Video Processing
Toshiba PixelPure® Hi-Bit Digital Video Processing utilizes an amazing 12-bits for 4,096 levels of gradation, 16x that of standard 8-bit systems, for more shades of gray and levels of color, resulting in a picture that is cleaner and more natural.

dual 1080p HDMI™ inputs
dual 1080p HDMI™ inputs allow the set to accept and display 1080p content, displaying the full potential of High Definition sources

Native Mode™
Native Mode™ restores the size of the picture by the 3-5% that is generally lost during the normal over-scanning that occurs on traditional sets.

Colormaster Pro ™
Adjust hue, saturation, and color brightness of six different colors, plus three user selectable colors to create picture quality your way. This provides deep, natural colors for increased depth and realism.

SoundStrip® Speaker System
This new speaker technology utilizes a thin-line speaker design with enhanced dynamic range. This eliminates the big round speakers, without losing any of the big home theater sound.

Separate Woofers and Tweeters
Select Cinema Series® televisions now include separate woofers and tweeters that provide more accurate full range sound using only the television's built-in speakers.

SRS® WOW™ (3D, Tru-bass, Focus)
SRS® WOW™ technology takes the performance of the television's existing speakers to a whole new level, offering superior sound quality with no additional speakers required. SRS WOW consists of three separate sound-expanding systems which work together to extract "buried" highs and lows. The three systems are SRS 3D, TruBass, and FOCUS. SRS 3D creates a three-dimensional sound field from just two speakers, thus giving the listener the feeling of hearing a multi-speaker surround sound system.

Virtual Dolby® Digital
Virtual Dolby® Digital recreates the ambience of a multichannel listening field from two speakers. This requires a 5.1 encoded source (such as DVDs or HDTV sound) to enjoy.

Eliminates the annoyance of normal program volume being followed immediately by extremely loud commercial messages or drastic volume fluctuations while changing channels.

TV Guide On Screen™ Interactive Program Guide
This Interactive Program Guide provides an easy to read listing of the television programs available to view or record. TV Guide On Screen™ Interactive Program Guide provides: an 8-day program listing, flexibility of recording directly to DVD or the HDD, the ability to perform keyword searches for locating favorite programs and includes the G-Link IR Blaster for controlling cable boxes. When recording television programs, the name of the show, along with the channel and date, are automatically captured.

Allows access, through your existing home network, to your library of JPEG and MP3 files, even your home Email using only the TV's remote control, even listen to MP3s through your connected home theater!

6-Item A/V Illuminated Remote with DVD and Audio Control
This ergonomically designed remote puts all the"most needed" functions in reach of your thumb, making operation a snap, and because it's illuminated, it's great for operating in a darkened home theater environment. The remote comes preprogrammed to operate up to six home theater components, including a TV, DVD player, VCR, Cable Box, and two other video or audio components.

THINC Ethernet Port
Allows access, through your existing home network via built in RJ-45 connector, to your library of JPEG and MP3 files using only the TV's remote control, even through your connected home theater!

Optical TosLink® Digital Audio Outputs
Connects easily to a wide variety of receivers and signal decoders. It is not affected by RF interference.

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