Toshiba 50HP82 Plasma Television

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Toshiba 50HP82 Plasma Television

Cinema Mode (3:2 Pulldown)
The system has Film and Video settings. When Video mode is selected, the circuitry is turned off. When Film mode is selected, it is in automatic mode.

Color Temperature Control
The viewer can adjust white balance to achieve the best television picture possible in any viewing environment, or they can simply adjust the picture to suit their personal tastes.

TheaterWide® Modes
Sets with TheaterWide® modes are ideal for displaying HDTV signals as well as "enhanced for widescreen television" DVDs. TheaterWide 1:Letterboxed image is digitally expanded 33% horizontally and vertically. Useful for reproducing Academy Standard (1.85:1) formatted software. TheaterWide 2:Letterboxed image is expanded 33% horizontally and 42% vertically. Particularly of use when viewing narrow letterboxed images originally filmed in Panavision or CinemaScope. TheaterWide 3:Letterboxed image is expanded 33% horizontally and 24% vertically. Can be utilized when displaying letterboxed images that incorporate narrow bands at the top and bottom of the picture.

7 Watt x 2 Audio Amplifier
Provides power for optional 3-way speakers.

Optional Pedestal or Wall Mounting Brackets
Allows for easy, convenient display of the panel.

Multiple Video Hookups
Provides connections for different types of video sources to easily make the display the centerpiece of any system.

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