Toshiba G8000 Series 100-300kVA UPS

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-15
Toshiba G8000 Series 100-300kVA UPS

Our G8000 UPS is widely used in the medical industry where power protection is critical. The G8000 offers unity power factor output which provides 20% more power than other UPS manufacturers. It is also 100% generator compatible, and its low input current harmonics means that you do not need to oversize your generator! In addition, the G8000's high crest factor is perfect to use on medical equipment such as MRIs and CT Scanners which have a high current inrush.

G8000 Standard Specifications
Model Number  T80S3K10KK6XSNH  T80S3K15KK6XSNH  T80S3K22KK6XSNH  T80S3K30KK6XSNH
Capacity  kVA/kW  100/100  150/150  225/225  300/300
Topology  True On-Line, Double Conversion, IGBT PWM, with Input Power Factor Correction and Unity Power Factor on Output
Input  Voltage  AC Input 480 V 3-Phase, 3-Wire + Gnd/Bypass Input 480 V 3-Phase, 4-Wire + Gnd
Voltage Range  408 to 528 V (Without Utilizing Battery)
Power Factor  Greater than 0.98
Current THD  5% Max
Frequency  60 Hz (±5%)
Current Limit  125% Max
Output  Voltage / THD  480 V, 3-Phase, 4-Wire + Gnd/1% THD Typ
Frequency  60 Hz ± 0.01%
Voltage Regulation  ± 0.5%
Power Factor  1.0 Unity (20% More Power)
Overload (Inverter)  125% for 10 Minutes; 150% for 60 Seconds
Overload (Bypass)  1000% for 1 Cycle, 125% Continuous