LG WM2016CW Front Load Washer

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LG WM2016CW Front Load Washer

LG Front Load Washer with 5 Washing Programs

Stackable or Side by Side?
Your Choice. Less space? Try stacking the washer and dryer. More space? Place them side by side or under a counter. Don't want to bend down so far to load or unload clothing? Add our 13.7" high drawer pedestals. It also doubles as a great place to store laundry products.

Electronic Control Panel with Dial-A-Cycle™
Intuitive controls allow you to "press and go".

Direct Drive Motor
Power is delivered right to the drum from the motor without belts, resulting in a highly durable, powerful and quiet washing machine.

SenseClean™ System
The water level and wash time are set automatically based on the weight and size of each load for optimal washing care.

LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation
Direct Drive and auto balancing reduced noise dramatically compared to conventional motors.