Abit Guru Clock GC-02

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Abit Guru Clock GC-02

Part of the µGuru™ family, abit's Guru Clock allows you t- access and select system performance your system while playing games, listening music, browsing Internet or office applications in full screen without need t- stop or close the application you are running.

In addition, Guru Clock displays overclocking levels, hardware monitoring status, room temperature, debug code and warning notice, allows you t- power on/off your PC, and even notifies you of new MSN/e-mail messages - all from its convenient LCD display.


* Large LCD screen (4*7cm)
* Guru link t- USB cable (1.8M)
* PC power on/ off
* Hard button: Power*1/ Menu*1/ Select*1
* Color filter sticker (Blue/ Green/ Red). Refer t- attached photo
* Time indicator
* Room temperature
* Hardware monitor warning Logo
* E-mail
* µGuru functions indicator:
- FAN speed - CUP/ NB/ System/ AUX1/ AUX2
- Temperature - CUP/ System/ PWM
- Voltage - CPU/ DDR/ AGP
- OC - Aut- Drive/ Turbo/ Quiet/ Normal/ User1/ User2 /User3/ Default1/ Default2/Default3