Canon NU-700N Network Controllable PTZ System

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Canon NU-700N Network Controllable PTZ System

This a complete turnkey system, the NU-700N brings Canon's reputation for very high quality video, durability, and outstanding support to a wide range of remote applications. With the NU-700N, users can now take advantage of Canon's renowned P/T/Z head technology for exterior broadcast applications, warehouse monitoring, weather and traffic surveillance, outdoor security and more.

The NU-700N combines a 1/4" 3 CCD Canon video camera with a built-in 20X optical zoom lens and 5X digital function for a powerful 100X zoom range, all contained under a rugged outdoor housing with a rain wiper. When connected to Canon's optional network-camera server, the system can be connected to the Internet or a LAN via a non-proprietary protocol control panel, or computer, enabling image acquisition and the control of camera functions—including camera pan, tilt, zoom, and focus—from anywhere with network access.


Is the NU-700N protocol available?
Yes, The NU-700N protocol is available which will enable you to create your own software and hardware control system. Several third party control systems have already been developed; please contact your local Canon Broadcast office for more information.

Does the NU-700N feature a defroster?
Yes, the NU-700N features a double glass system in the housing, which features the same effect as a defroster. A heater is not included in the NU700N.

What is the maximum distance between NU-700N and the server?
15 meters is the standard distance between NU-700N and server with an RS232 cable. Longer distances, up to 1.2km are possible, by using an RS422 cable.

How many pre-sets are there?
The NU-700N Camera Head features a maximum of 32 presets. The standard Canon software offers 8 presets and the standard Canon controller offers 6 presets.

What is the NU-700N Image Quality?
Canon lives up to its reputation of delivering very high quality video. The NU-700N combines a 1/4” 3 CCD Canon video camera with 410,000 pixels per CCD (NTSC) with a built-in 20X optical zoom lens and 5X digital function for a powerful 100X zoom range.

What is the Video Transfer Speed?
The NU-700N offers up to 30 frames per second, which is 1.8 Mbps. Total maximum capacity is 5 Mbps ~ 6 Mbps.

What are the normal operating temperature and humidity ranges?
The NU-700N works within the temperature range of 15°C to +40°C, humidity up to 90%.

Is the NU-700N Waterproof?
Yes. The Pan-Tilt is waterproof with a rating of IP45.

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