Boss TU-6 Guitar Tuner

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Boss TU-6 Guitar Tuner

The TU-6 Guitar Tuner is a compact, lightweight, simple and affordable tuner with BOSS quality.


* Switchable Bass and Guitar modes for accurate tuning in both ranges
* Tuning meter for precise information
* Built-in condenser mic for acoustic guitars


Tuning Note:
Guitar Mode = 1E (329.6 Hz), 2B (246.9 Hz), 3G (196.0 Hz), 4D (146.8 Hz), 5A (110.0 Hz), 6E (82.4 Hz)
Bass Mode = 1G (98.0 Hz), 2D (73.4 Hz), 3A (55.0 Hz), 4E (41.2 Hz)
Tuning Accuracy: +/- 1 cent
Connectors Input: Output
Power Supply: DC 9 V Dry Battery
Accessory: Dry Battery