M-Audio FireWire 1814 Audio MIDI Interface

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M-Audio FireWire 1814 Audio MIDI Interface

The FireWire 18/14 is an 18-in, 14-out audio interface complete with ADAT Lightpipe for multi-channel communication with other digital devices. It features 8 x 4 analog I/O at up to 24-bit/96kHz, and boasts 192kHz on the first two inputs and all four outputs. Channels 1 and 2 also include high-quality microphone/instrument preamps. S/PDIF optical digital I/O provides 2-channel PCM, as well as pass-through of surround-encoded AC-3 and DTS material. Flexible internal mixing allows input and output routing, including an aux bus for effects send or monitor mix. A front-panel momentary switch allows DJ-style headphone auditioning between two assignable sources. Other features include two headphone amplifiers, assignable level controller, S/PDIF coaxial/optical digital I/O, 1 x 1 MIDI I/O, and BNC word clock connectors for synchronization to other digital devices.


18 x 14 FireWire audio interface (16 x 12 simultaneous)
8 x 24-bit/96kHz analog inputs (1/4" TS)
4 x 24-bit/96kHz analog outputs (1/4' TRS/TS)
2 x 4 24-bit/192kHz analog I/O capability
8 x 8 ADAT Lightpipe I/O
digital S/PDIF (coaxial) I/O w/ 2-channel PCM
digital out also supports pass-through of AC-3/DTS surround-encoded content
dual mic/instrument preamps (Neutrik XLR/ 1/4" TS) with
* input level controls
* 20dB pad
* phantom power
* signal LEDs
two independently assignable headphone outputs with individual level controls (1/4" TRS)
flexible software-controlled mixing of hardware and software I/O
aux sends on all channels and aux output assign allows for dedicated headphone mixes and sends to external effects
user-assignable front-panel level control (output, input, software return, aux send)
near zero-latency hardware direct monitoring
low-latency ASIO software direct monitoring
momentary switch for A/B cueing two software-assignable headphone sources or switching ASIO monitoring on/off
1 x 1 16-channel MIDI I/O
wordclock (BNC) for sync to external devices
power on/off switch with indicator LED
powered via FireWire bus or included DC power adapter
two convenient high-bandwidth FireWire ports
rugged steel construction
includes Ableton Live Lite music production software, so you can make music right away