Yamaha PJP-100UH Conference microphone speaker

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-11
Yamaha PJP-100UH Conference microphone speaker


Sixteen microphones enable clear audio pickup

Features of arrayed microphones

* 32 microphone units are arrayed (16 per array) and precisely controlled to pick up voices in discrete areas, while eliminating ambient noise.
* The microphone position detection function focuses the beam automatically on the current talker. Transmits the talkers' voices clearly and accurately.

Audio pickup control system of arrayed microphones
Sixteen microphones (per array) automatically detect the location of sound sources and pick up voices clearly. You can specify audio pickup areas from which ambient noises are eliminated (such as ventilation systems and projectors), providing a noise-free meeting environment that lets attendees concentrate.

Selectable audio pickup modes for various environments
The sound source detection technology of the arrayed microphones, provides the Projectphone with various audio pickup modes. It enables not only picking up of a sound source in a large area, but also specifying an audio pickup area as the need arises. In addition, it enables a microphone feature which automatically tracks and focuses the audio of the talker in order to collect clear voices. With an effective combination of the sound source detection and high-performance adaptive echo canceller features, you can hold a meeting in any environment, without concern about audio quality.


Twelve high-performance, small-diameter speakers reproduce voices clearly even with multiple locations connected

* Clear, easily audible voice reproduction tuned especially for conferences
* Twelve high-performance, hi-fi audio speakers

Acoustic design
The Projectphone controls twelve hi-fi speakers to produce a point audio source, and adopts an acoustic design that accounts for in consideration of the orientation of conference desks and chairs. It enables listenable audio output using the horn loading effect created by a synthesized acoustic wavefront.


Adaptive echo canceller ensures smooth two-way talks

Smooth two-way talks
Echo is a phenomenon that often occurs when the microphones pick up the audio reproduced from the speakers in an audio conference system. The Projectphone incorporates a high-performance adaptive echo canceller and an ideal design to eliminate echoes and reproduce voices with higher clarity.

Adaptive echo canceller

Removes echo even in a room with high reverberation
The Projectphone's adaptive echo canceller automatically adjusts the echo-filter factor to the optimum setting for a given environment. With the Projectphone, you can hold a meeting in any type of room or space.