Yamaha TSX-120 Desktop Audio System

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Yamaha TSX-120 Desktop Audio System

Made for iPod
The Made for iPod logo indicates that the product is equipped with a built-in iPod Dock that lets you connect your iPod to this product. With the built-in dock you can listen to your music and operate the iPod via the product's remote control while at the same time charging the battery on your iPod. Depending on your product's specifications, some will allow you to use the On-Screen Display feature on your video monitor to navigate your music. Some products can even allow you to view your photos and movies from your iPod on your video monitor (view the Specifications of each product for iPod playback compatibility)...


Easy to Use
* iPod Dock on top panel
* Mini jack for connecting a portable audio player
* 30-station preset FM tuner
* Four DSP modes: Normal, Mild, Heavy and Live
* Convenient flat top panel made of real wood
* Clock with dual alarm function
* Alarm modes: music, beep, music + beep
* Handy card-type remote unit

High Sound Quality
* 15W x 2 power output
* Two 8cm (3-1/8”) full-range speakers
* Bass reflex ports on back for good bass dispersion

TSX-120 finish options
Smart and sophisticated in any decor, this bedside companion plays your favorite music.
The TSX-120 is a compact, convenient and attractive way to add musical enjoyment to your bedroom. Versatile enough to play a wide variety of music sources, it's sure to keep you entertained. Set it to wake you to your favorite music in the morning, then use it as a handy place to deposit things you need, like eyeglasses or keys. And with its real wood top panel, it will add an attractive touch to any interior.

iPod Dock on the Top Panel
Dock your iPod into the top of the unit and listen to your music through the high quality speakers. You can operate the iPod from the remote unit, and the iPod is charged when in use/standby.

Mini Jack on the Top Panel
A mini jack on the top panel makes it convenient to connect portable audio players.

30-Station FM Preset Tuning
The FM radio lets you preset 30 stations for quick and easy tuning.

Good Sound Quality with Strong Bass
The 15W x 2 amplifier is powerful enough to produce strong sound energy from the independent left and right 8cm (3-1/8”) speakers. The design includes two bass reflex ports on the back that enhance bass sound dispersion.

Convenient Flat Top
With its flat, real wood top, the TSX-120 doesn't just take up space. It's convenient for setting your eyeglasses on when you go to bed, or your mobile phone, so you can pick it up together with your iPod when you go out. You'll always know where they are – right on your indispensable music system!

Clock with Dual Alarm Function
The front panel clock has a dual alarm with wake up, sleep and snooze functions. You can set the alarm for music (even a specific song) or a beep sound. There is also a new alarm mode that provides a gentle, stress-free wakeup with music that fades in and then a beep to ensure that you're awake.

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