Sharp EL-531WBBK Scientific Calculator

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Sharp EL-531WBBK Scientific Calculator

The EL531WBBK performs over 270 advanced scientific functions and utilizes a 2-line display and Multi-Line Playback to make scientific equations easier for students to solve. It is ideal for students studying general math, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. In addition, it can be used for statistics, biology, chemistry, and general science. Also available in Blue: EL-531WBBL.


272 Functions
Increased from 183

Large Display
2-line, 12 dot + 10 segment display

Direct Algebraic Logic (DAL)
Input equations exactly as shown.

New Glass Top Design
for clearer, easier reading of the display


Display Type: LCD
Number of lines in display: 2
Logic: DAL
Number of Functions: 272
Power Supply: Battery
Hard Case: Yes
Battery: LR44 x 2
Continuous Calculation: Yes
Automatic Power Down: Yes
F.S.E Display Format: Yes
Parenthesis Levels: 10
log, In (and inverse): Yes
x, other symbols: Yes
Percent, other symbols: Yes
Fraction Calc: Yes
Solves 3 Simultaneous Equations: No
Complex Numbers: No
Matrices: No
Polynomial Root Finder: No
Equation Playback: Yes
Last Answer Recall: Yes
Last Digit Correction: Yes
Sin, Cos, Tan, Et Inverse: Yes
Hyperbolic Func Et Inverse: Yes
Deg/Rad/Grad Mode: Yes
DRG Conversion: Yes
DMS<>DD: Yes
P<>R: Yes
Metric Conversions: No
Physical Constants: No
Computer Math
Calc Et Conver: No
Dec., Hex., Oct., Et Binary, Pen: Yes
Logic Operators: Yes
One Variable: Yes
Two Variable: Yes
X Mean, Std. Deviation: Yes
Y Mean, Std Deviation: Yes
Regression Types: 6
Permutation Et Combination: Yes
Factorial: Yes
Random #s: Yes
Random Dice: Yes
Random Coin: Yes
Random Integer: Yes
Normal Distr. Functions: No
Number of Memories: 9
STO, RCL, and ANS Keys: Yes
Memory Calculations: M+,M-
Formula: No
Equation Solver: No
Type (Command/Keystroke): No