Canon Elura 2MC Digital Camcorder

Canon Updated: 2007-08-01
Canon Elura 2MC Digital Camcorder

Full-Featured, Ultra Compact Digital Video In a Class By Itself
A digital camcorder that fits into a purse, a glove compartment, or a coat pocket? That's the Canon Elura2 MC (Memory Card) and Elura2 -- designed to snuggle in your hand and to commune with your computer.

It will go where you go, see how you see, and let you capture your experiences, get creative, and share them like you never have before.

Canon Elura 2 / Elura 2MC is available with a variety of accessories to make your video/photo imaging system complete.


Progressive Scan CCD
It's a new kind of image sensor, the Progressive Scan CCD, that makes the Elura2 MC able to bring such clarity to fast moving subjects. The soccer game, the child on a swing, the panning shots across a landscape—these and more come out smooth and clear (like you saw them).

The same feature makes it possible to snatch crisp stills at 30 shots per second using Elura2 MC's Digital Motor Drive. And, Progressive Scan CCD provides the versatility to create print-from-video with digital photo resolution.

Compare it to Interlace methods, which shoot half an image at a time and combine the two to produce a single frame. The lapse of time between the halves blurs motion, and produces a disturbing image flicker when paused. Progressive Scan CCD doesn't-it is the superior, next-generation technology.

High-Quality, Low-Light Shooting
The advanced Noise Reduction System of the Elura2 MC incorporates newly developed noise reduction circuitry to deliver clean and superior image quality. By increasing the signal-to-noise ratio, Canon has eliminated video noise, which can occur during signal processing. Your videos will be cleaner overall, free from annoying color noise or graininess when shooting under low light levels.