Canon Elura 40MC Digital Camcorder

Canon Updated: 2007-08-01
Canon Elura 40MC Digital Camcorder

The Elura 40MC is a compact and versatile camcorder offering a unique combination of features to produce both high-quality video and stills from the same camera. It's a camcorder that offers point-and-shoot simplicity without limiting your ability to take command and stretch your creative wings when you want. Note its extensive offering of digital video special effects and its optional ability to make color prints without connection to a computer.

The Elura 40MC offers the superior quality of digital video, the ability to take digital still pictures and store them on a MultiMediaCard, as well as the optional capability of making prints without connection to a computer. The Elura 40MC also gives you a host of new digital effects, automatic and manual controls, and offers quick and easy connection to your computer.

To enhance your shooting experience with the Elura 40MC, Canon offers a wide selection of optional accessories. Regardless of your shooting style, Canon has the right accessory to create professional results every time.


Precision Canon Optical Zoom Lens
The Elura 40MC sports a 10X optical zoom lens combined with a 200X digital zoom. This zoom range will more than take care of all your picture-taking needs, whether it's wide-angle shots of all the family at the reunion, or close-up sports action at full telephoto. Combine this zoom with the high-resolution capability of DV and you have high quality video at your fingertips.

MultiMediaCard and SD Memory Card compatible
For the storage of digital still images and Motion JPEG movies. You can use either MultiMediaCards or SD Memory Cards with the Elura 40MC. An 8Mb SD Memory Card comes with the camcorder, storing up to 39 XGA High Resolution Photos or 86 digital photos, or Motion JPEG movies.

680,000-pixel CCD
The Elura 40MC uses a 680,000-pixel CCD to capture high quality video images, XGA High Resolution Photos, and Motion JPEG movies. There is no need to carry both video and photo cameras with the Elura 40MC.