Canon Elura Digital Camcorder

Canon Updated: 2007-08-02
Canon Elura Digital Camcorder

Digital Sophistication and Absolute Elegance Only From Canon
Only Canon can deliver the best in digital video technology. Introducing the Elura — Canon's vision of the future. Featuring a 12X Optical/ 48X Digital Zoom lens, the Elura brings details too distant to be seeing by the naked eye into clear focus. The Elura fuses superior image quality with a sleek, elegant and compact design. Created to fit in the palm of your hand, the Elura lets you capture and combine high-resolution video and still photos onto Mini DV videocassettes. Its large, rotating view screen is perfect for capturing almost any conceivable angle or for immediate playback viewing. The Elura with its outstanding zoom lens is all you need to produce amazing digital video from start to finish.

Capture the memories anywhere life takes you. The new Canon Elura Mini Digital Video Camcorder is your personal imaging companion. Functioning as both a video camcorder and a digital still camera, the Elura's MiniDV technology delivers the highest possible digital image quality in a most compact design - all at a price that will excite you almost as much as its capabilities!

Canon Elura is available with a variety of accessories to make your video/photo imaging system complete.


Progressive Scan CCD
The ELURA incorporates a Progressive Scan CCD image sensor that delivers a significant improvement in performance and image quality. Each and every light gathering pixel on the CCD is used to produce a full frame video image 60 times per second. In contrast the conventional interlace-type CCD produces only half a full frame, known as a field, in the same amount of time. The Progressive Scan CCD provides a serious advantage to those who desire impeccable clarity of fast moving subjects.

The interlace method used on other camcorders combines two field images together, but a time lapse between the fields can cause a disturbing image flicker on the television screen when playback is paused. Recordings of subjects moving at high speed such as athletes, wildlife and even machinery can be viewed on a television with superior resolution. And this CCD type makes it possible to produce better quality video prints than ever before. Also, realizing people shoot video in a variety of light levels, Canon designed the ELURA to perform exceptionally well in low light too.