Canon Ultura Digital Camcorder

Canon Updated: 2007-08-02
Canon Ultura Digital Camcorder

Digital Sophistication and Absolute Elegance Only From Canon
The power and flexibility of digital video is truly amazing. Do things that you never could before. Fade-in, fade-out; change focus from foreground to background; snap still photos; and perform sophisticated editing to your heart's content. Whether you want complete creative control or everything done for you, Canon's ULTURA is for those who are serious about great video!


16x Optical Zoom Lens plus 320x Digital Zoom
This Canon optical zoom lens perfectly transforms distant subjects into dramatic close-ups with absolutely no loss in image quality. The digital zoom extends the magnification to an amazing 320x, revealing details too distant to be seen with just the eye alone. The scope from wide panorama to super telephoto is outstanding.

Optical Image Stabilizer
Canons optical expertise produced the finest method of image stabilization available. It optically corrects camera shake so the video always looks smooth, steady and natural whether shooting hand-held at full telephoto or even from a moving vehicle. Unlike the electronic method on other models, the optical method is the perfect complement to the outstanding picture quality of DV and offers superior shake reduction, especially when light levels are low.

FlexiZone AF/AE
This exclusive Canon auto focusing and auto exposure feature is both practical and creative! Use FlexiZone AF when your main subject is off-center or when you choose to smoothly shift focus between foreground and background...just like they do in the movies. Use the controller to move the FlexiZone anywhere in the frame and press the exposure button so the ULTURA exposes for the subject you re focusing on.