Canon Vistura Digital Camcorder

Canon Updated: 2007-08-02
Canon Vistura Digital Camcorder

Digital Sophistication and Absolute Elegance Only From Canon
Only Canon can deliver the best in digital video technology. The Vistura fuses superior image quality with a sleek, elegant and compact design. Created to fit in the palm of your hand, the Vistura lets you capture and combine high-resolution video and still photos onto Mini DV videocassettes. Its large, rotating view screen is perfect for capturing almost any conceivable angle or for immediate playback viewing. The Vistura, from its outstanding zoom lens to its auto editing capability, is all you need to produce amazing digital video from start to finish.


16x Optical Zoom plus 64x Digital Zoom
The World's longest on a digital video camcorder! This Canon optical zoom lens perfectly transforms distant subjects into dramatic close-ups with absolutely no loss in image quality. The digital zoom extends the magnification to an amazing 64X revealing details too distant to be seen with just the eye alone. The scope from wide panorama to super telephoto is outstanding.

Optical Image Stabilizer
Canon's optical expertise produced the finest method of image stabilization available. It optically corrects camera shake so the video always looks smooth, steady and natural whether shooting hand-held at full telephoto or even from a moving vehicle.

Unlike the electronic method on other models, the optical method is the perfect complement to the outstanding picture quality of DV and offers superior shake reduction, especially when light levels are low.

IEEE 1394 DV Terminal
The VISTURA is equipped with a DV IN/OUT terminal that conforms to the IEEE 1394 standard. It takes just a single digital cable to transfer or copy your videos in pure digital format to your DV compatible computer or another Canon DV camcorder.

Use the optional DK-1 DV Capture Kit and your PC computer to grab video frames or still images from the VISTURA and edit, enhance or retouch the images with Photo Suite software by MGI that's included. You can choose to print your images on a Canon color printer or send them over the internet.