Samsung SC-DC575 DVD Camcorder

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Samsung SC-DC575 DVD Camcorder

It's a digital video camcorder that's eager to please. Turn on the SC-DC 575 DVD Camcorder and start shooting in less than 10 seconds! The strong zooms - 26x optical and 1200x digital - gives you incredible closeup-grabbing power. The 1MegaPixel CCD ensures each frame is bursting with crystal-clear color and detail, while Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) virtually eliminates picture shakiness normally associated with handheld camcorders. The +R DVD or SD/MMC Memory Card storage capabilities help extend your shooting time.

SAMSUNG's PictBridge™ technology makes printing still-frame shots a snap. All the latest digital video technologies come together, so that you can keep shooting, trouble-free, all you want.

amazing digital video quality
Using a 1M pixel light-sensitive integrated circuit (CCD), this camcorder stores and displays high-resolution images with superior detail and clarity, for jaw-dropping video quality that surpasses that of conventional recording.

double your recording time
In addition to enjoying superior video fidelity, the SC-DC575's +R Dual Layer Recording capability means you can capture up 2.6 GB of digital video on one disc. This means you'll never have to worry about missing the shot.

flexible recording and viewing
By offering a choice of shooting in two different aspect ratios - 4:3 and 16:9 - SAMSUNG ensures the entire image is captured for playback on everything from older TVs to your newest, wide-format HDTV screen.

professional quality Schneider lens
See the difference a professional-grade lens can make. The SC-DC 575 uses a Schneider lens, so what you see in the viewfinder is truly what you'll capture: the highest quality in visual clarity.

twice the memory options
The memory card slot accepts your choice of SD or MMC memory cards, for quick and easy file transfers.

print or download - immediately!
It's easy to download your files quickly.Connect your camcorder directly to your computer for speedy file downloading. And using the same, simple USB 2.0 connection, you can print directly to any printer that supports PictBridge™ technology.