Sanyo VPC-E1W Waterproof CameraCorder

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-20
Sanyo VPC-E1W Waterproof CameraCorder

Practically four cameras in one, the Xacti E1 allows you to shoot both photos and video at a park, birthday party or virtually anywhere else on dry land. And, when the opportunity presents itself, also shoot both photos and video while snorkeling or while just playing around in a swimming pool. This powerful little camcorder easily records both full 640x480 resolution video at 30 frames-per-second and high-resolution 6-megapixel digital still images, all of which are handily stored to a standard SD or SDHC flash memory card (sold separately).

Designed to IPX8 international standard for waterproof, the Xacti E1 is capable of recording full motion video five feet underwater for up to 30 minutes. Incorporating a water-tight design that can resist the pressure created when submersed at five feet, the Xacti E1 is capable of capturing dramatic photos and video footage underwater to share with the less adventurous family members and friends.

The Xacti E1 incorporates the highly advanced AVC/H.264 video compression which makes posting movies on the Iinternet or e-mailing them to friends and family easier by reducing the file size. In fact, the file size can be up to 25% smaller than that of typical MPEG-4 cameras. To accomplish the complexity of encoding AVC/H.264 in real-time on the E1, a dedicated Qpixel brand H.264 video compression IC was incorporated into the camera that was designed specifically for portable consumer devices to achieve high video quality while simultaneously reducing the system power consumption. The result is high-quality video recording up to a total of 10 hours of full motion video with an 8 GB SDHC memory card (TV-HQ mode). The Xacti E1 can also record up to a total of 5 hours of video with a 4 GB SDHC memory card, up to 2.5 hours with a standard 2GB SD card, and up to 1.25 hours with a standard SD card.

The Xacti E1 features a large 2.5-inch Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The display flips out from the camera and rotates up to 285 degrees on an axis that allows you to take great video or still images from otherwise-difficult-to-view positions, proving to be which proves especially useful when shooting underwater or in small rooms.

Setting the E1 camcorder apart from other video cameras begins inside the E1 the E1 digital media camera where you can find an advanced 6.37-megapixel (total) CCD image sensor. The large sensor allows the E1 to capture high-resolution 6 megapixel still images in addition to recording high-quality digital videos with full-range stereo sound.

The E1 can record up to a total of 10 hours of full motion video or over 4000 6-Megapixel still images on a 8GB SDHC memory card, up to 5 hours of video with a 4 GB SDHC memory card, up to 2.5 hours with a 2GB standard SD card, and up to 1.25 hours with a 1GB standard SD card.

The Xacti E1’s MPEG-4 files can be directly imported into iTunes software and easily transferred to your video-capable iPod® allowing you to share a quick video the next time you are asked how the kids are doing!

Shooting video when the perfect photo opportunity presents itself? Ever need to capture still images when you’re already shooting video? The E1 enables simultaneous shooting of both 6-megapixel still images and 640 x 480-pixel video clips with a simple press of the shutter button during the shooting of a movie clip. You will never need to miss another precious photo opportunity. (Depending on the mode used to take still images, simultaneous video clip shooting may be interrupted. While shooting video clips, using the digital image stabilizer may change the angle of view for still images.)

The SANYO Xacti E1 comes with a sophisticated image stabilizer. Using a proprietary SANYO algorithm, the E1 automatically compensates for distracting up-and-down or side-to-side camera movement, keeping your subject steady and easy to follow. It accurately distinguishes between unintentional camera shake and deliberate camera movement. This handy feature operates in both wide-angle and telephoto modes, giving every shot a solid, professional-looking feel.

The E1 digital media camera features a highly efficient 5x optical zoom with a bright maximum aperture of f/3.5. Consisting of 9 groups and 12 total lenses, the E1’s lens provides a fantastic field-of-view with a 38-190 mm range (35 mm equivalent). Combined with the 12x digital zoom, the E1 provides up to 60x zooming capability.

One of the hallmarks of the Xacti camcorder line is the super-fast start-up. Reduce your chance of missing the moment. The Xacti E1 media camera is designed for super fast start-up and shooting. With the tapeless design, the E1 eliminates the need to queue up a tape deck allowing the E1 to begin shooting in as little as 1.7 seconds! When the E1 is powered on, closing the LCD display puts the E1 in standby mode. Simply open the display and the E1 automatically powers up and can begin immediately recording in as little as 1.7 seconds.

The Xacti E1 includes a high-capacity SANYO brand lithium-ion battery. The DBL-L20U is a High voltage 3.7V battery designed to work with the SANYO Xacti E1 camera. High energy density design minimizes the battery size and weight, making it perfect for use in small portable cameras. The DBL-L20 is designed to resist memory accumulation so it provides a full charge every time.

The Xacti E1 enables easy playback of recorded video directly on a TV screen. Connect the E1 to a VCR or DVD Recorder to back-up copies of recorded content. Still images and video clips on the Xacti E1 are played back continuously and in chronological order. The Xacti E1 offers convenient connection to a PC. With simple drag-and-drop operation, it's easy to save recorded video clips and still images onto a computer's hard disk for emailing, editing or archiving.

On or off, the E1 is a true work of art. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, most video and still functions can be easily accessed with the thumb of the hand used to hold the camera. Available in Blue, White and Yellow, the E1’s design is likely to get as much attention as your videos.