Sony ECM-HGZ1 Shotgun Microphone

Sony Updated: 2007-06-08
Sony ECM-HGZ1 Shotgun Microphone

Capture the audio you need to make your videos to life with the ECM-HGZ1 shotgun microphone. Designed for use with your compatible Handycam® camcorder, the ECM-HGZ1 synchronizes the audio to the camcorder's zoom for audio that is distinct for both modes. In telephoto mode, the microphone focuses on the audio straight ahead of it, isolating the subject matter. In wide-angle mode, the microphone broadens is recording range, so no sound occurring in frame is missed. The ECM-HGZ1 is designed to work with your camcorder's active interface shoe, so it is easy to connect and simple to use. This microphone is powered by the camcorder, so there is no need for a separate battery.

Powered directly from the controlled by Handycam® camcorder through unique Active Interface Shoe: Yes

Zoom mode: Picks up sound in the direction Handycam® camcorder is zooming: Yes

Gun mode: Sharp sound is picked up from the object you focus on: Yes

Mono microphone: Yes

Product Specifications

Accessory Shoe: Active Interface Shoe(16pin)

Storage Temperature: -30° to +65°C (-22° to +149°F)

Power Supply: From Main Unit via Accessory Shoe

Directivity: Microphone: Gun/Zoom

Microphone/Speaker: Type: Electoret Condenser Microphone

Operating Temperature: +0° to +40°C (+32° to +104°F)