Sony ECM-MSD1 High Grade Stereo Microphone

Sony Updated: 2007-06-10
Sony ECM-MSD1 High Grade Stereo Microphone

Offering dedicated audio mode selection featuring wide area pickup for groups or narrow pick up for individuals, this microphone is ideal for use during weddings, reunions and parties (Carrying pouch included).

Please note that select models cannot use the Intelligent Accessory Shoe function on the camcorder while microphone is in use.

User-selectable audio coverage: Select 90 degrees for concentrating on a single speaker, or 120 degrees for picking up group conversations

Super quality audio sensitivity

Product Specifications

Material: ABS
Storage Temperature: -10° to +60°C (+14° to +140°F)
Microphone/Speaker: Pick up pattern 90 degrees or 120 degrees switchable
Microphone/Speaker-2: Monaural / Stereo 2ch
Microphone/Speaker-3: Electrete Condenser Microphone
Operating Temperature: +0° to +40°C (+32° to +104°F)