Sony PMWEX3NPAC Optical Fiber Studio Package

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Sony PMWEX3NPAC Optical Fiber Studio Package

Sony is pleased to announce the introduction of the new PMWEX3NPAC Sony Nipros XDCAM EX optical fiber studio package. This new package brings together the newly introduced Sony NIPROS/1 optical fiber studio system and Sony's PMW-EX3 XDCAM® EX camcorder, adding to the expanding family of Sony affordable high definition (HD™) production solutions.


* The PMWEX3NPAC is comprised of a PMW-EX3 XDCAM® EX Camcorder and the newly introduced NIPROS/1 Optical Studio System
* The NIPROS PS-270 Camera Optical Adapter supplies the following interfaces to the camcorder:
* HD/SD SDI input from camera
* RET video output to camera
* Genlock output to camera
* 8-pin REMOTE for camera remote control
* LANC jack
* 4-pin XLR intercom headset jacks (x2)
* 12 VDC output (x3)
* Front & rear TALLY indicators
* SMPTE Fiber cable connector
* 4-pin
* The NIPROS PS-570 Optical Adapter Base Unit supplies the following interfaces for easy integration to a production studio infrastructure:
* HD/SD SDI output (x2) / auto detecting (SD/HD)
* Intercom headset jack
* Intercom system jacks for support of both 2-wire and 4-wire intercom systems
* 8-pin REMOTE connector for interfacing to Sony RMB-150 or RMB-750 camera remote controllers
* LANC jack
* RET video input to interface to video switcher program output
* GENLOCK input (can be used to supply teleprompter composite video signal to camera instead)
* DC in via 4-pin XLR for remote location operation
* AC power line cord jack
* Tally IN & OUT connectors
* SMPTE fiber optic cable connector

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