Canon PowerShot A300 Digital Camera

Canon Updated: 2007-07-25
Canon PowerShot A300 Digital Camera

Sophisticated Technology Made Simple.
With a 3.2 Megapixel sensor, Canon Optics, and a sleek, ergonomic body, the new PowerShot A300 raises the bar for entry-level digital cameras. The A300 incorporates a number of advanced features into a low-cost, high quality digital camera, perfect for first time buyers and digital aficionados alike.


High Resolution Sensor, Superior Optics 3.2 Megapixel CCD
With its 3.2 Megapixel CCD, and high quality fixed length autofocus f/3.6 lens (35mm equivalent of 33mm) the A300 provides high resolution images with extraordinary clarity. A 5.1x digital zoom with macro focusing down to 2”, helps you record even the smallest details. And with its advanced 5-point AiAF autofocus, the A300 ensures that your subject need not be centered to be in focus.

Superb 5.1x Digital Zoom Brushed exterior design with easy controls
Get up close and personal with the Canon A300's powerful and smooth 5.1x Digital Zoom. Speedy and easy to control, the A300's Digital Zoom gives you the flexibility to capture the shots you want.

Advanced Focusing Capability 5-point AiAF
Canon A300's improved and advanced 5-point AiAF system makes precise focusing possible regardless of the position of the subject. This intelligent feature lets you achieve accurate focus even with off-center subjects.