Canon PowerShot A40 Digital Camera

Canon Updated: 2007-07-26
Canon PowerShot A40 Digital Camera

Advanced Features For More Fun.
The PowerShot A40 combines professional-level features with easy-to-use design to introduce you to the full excitement and convenience of digital photography. If you're not digital yet, this is a great way to get there.


Crisp Details and Brilliant Colors 2.0 Megapixel CCD
The image-capturing heart of the PowerShot A40 is a 1/2.7-inch CCD capable of recording 2.0 million pixels of visual information. That means that, at maximum resolution, you can expect the A40 to create an image that can be printed as a high-quality 4" x 6" print. The image will be nearly indistinguishable from an image printed from film.

Get Up Close and Personal 3x optical zoom, plus digital enhancement to 7.5x zoom
The A40 gives you an enormous range of choices when you frame your shot. The nine-element, 3x optical zoom lens moves swiftly and smoothly through the equivalent of 35mm-105mm in a standard 35mm camera. Want to move in even closer? The built-in digital teleconverter multiplies that range by 2.5x, so you have a maximum focal length of either 260mm. Best of all, of course, you're viewing your image through Canon optics, among the finest in the world.