Canon PowerShot A50 Digital Camera

Canon Updated: 2007-07-26
Canon PowerShot A50 Digital Camera

With the introduction of the Canon PowerShot A50, the shirt-pocket convenience of a compact digital camera is now available with megapixel technology. Engineered with a highly accurate1/2.7 inch 1,310,000 pixel CCD, the PowerShot A50 is the smallest, lightest megapixel zoom lens camera in the world.

To further ensure detail in every one of your images, Canon designed this digital photographic instrument with a high-quality, low-distortion, all-glass formula f/2.6-4.0 lens, incorporating 3 aspherical elements in a 7-element formula. This fine example of Canon optics is part of an incredibly versatile 28-70mm (35mm film format equivalent), retractable power zoom lens. So now you can expect some spectacular shots.

All of those optics will receive the benefit of high-speed, high precision TTL-AF (Through The Lens Auto Focus) which determines a focusing point using information coming directly through the lens. TTL-AF offers faster white balance settings and a focusing time of a mere 1 second.

Thanks to Canon-developed dedicated IC Signal Processing there is less time waiting in between shots. While other cameras use slower software signal processing that can degrade image quality, the PowerShot A50 processes its image data in hardware, preserving maximum clarity and reducing the interval between shots to less than 4 seconds.

This camera also looks good with its highly rigid, brushed duraluminum skin, so it's as sturdy as it is elegant.

The PowerShot A50's unique combination of megapixel resolution plus finely tuned Canon optics in a flat, compact camera, produces the kind of gorgeous images that will make you feel more comfortable than ever with the concept of digital photography.