Kodak Rimage CD Writer

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Kodak Rimage CD Writer

The ideal solution, with the speed and quality to enable top productivity.

High quality CD or DVD Production
Fully automated CD &/or DVD production units ideal for the Professional lab's archiving/storage or image transfer needs

Range of models to meet various productivity requirements
With a range of drive capacities you can choose the model that best suits your needs

High quality label customization, on-line
A range of printer units within the writers offer high quality printing of labels in either Color or B&W

Integration with Kodak's Modular Digital Workflow products
Fully enabled in KODAK's Lab Architecture software's such as KODAK PROFESSIOAL Digital Print Production Software (DP2) Version 5.0 or later, or KODAK Pro Series Software Suite.

Kodak Professional backup and support
When used with other KODAK Modular Digital Workflow products, you can be sure of a great team supporting your workflow—all the way.

The Rimage range of CD writers offers the Professional Lab everything they need to output high quality CD's for the Professional Imaging market.

A variety of models allows for different production capacities enabling single or multiple automated disc writing, label printing and customization.


* Auto recording of discs for efficient productivity
* 'Turnkey' solutions to start production as quickly as possible
* Full color thermal label printing to maximise customisation with instantly dry images
* Multiple drives (model dependant) for maximum productivity
* Easy to use customer interface to maximise labour utilization
* 'Perfect Print' – allows for exact registration of customised printing on pre-screened/branded CD's