Jabra GN9120 Wireless Headset

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Jabra GN9120 Wireless Headset

The GN9120 is a wireless headset that works the way today’s in-office professionals work. Offering an unbeatable range of personal mobility in the office, a robust talk time and a host of innovative features and benefits, the revolutionary GN9120 will give complete wireless freedom in the office.

The unique conference call feature lets you hold fully mobile, secure conference calls not restricted to meeting rooms or ruined by crackling speakerphones. And, the GN9120 comes with a choice of three different boom arms equipped with different microphones to suit quieter or louder office environments.

* Great for open, loud office environments

* Noise-canceling microphone for reduced background noise and crystal-clear calls

* Multi-unit conferencing capability

* Multi-layered security system for secure conversations