Fujifilm FCR VELOCITY U Digital X-ray System

FUJIFILM Updated: 2007-09-24
Fujifilm FCR VELOCITY U Digital X-ray System

* Unequalled 240 IP/hr throughput in a compact design

* Uncompromised quality made by new HD LINESCAN technology

* Convenient name checker display indicating patient name

The VELOCITY U is simply the fastest FCR upright image reader ever. A mere two seconds after initial exposure, each digital image begins to display, attaining its consistently high final quality only seven seconds later. A devised Imaging Plate (IP) enables an industry-leading 240 IP/hour throughput speed, automatically and efficiently handling everything from X-ray exposure and image reading/processing, to data transfer into image recorder and hardcopy output. Such speed and capacity with no compromise on renowned FCR quality is made possible through newly developed HD LINESCAN technology that employs a large-sized CCD unit.