Hitachi NanoFrontier eLD LIT-q-TOF LCMS System

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Hitachi NanoFrontier eLD LIT-q-TOF LCMS System

The Hitachi NanoFrontier is the first commercial LCMS system that combines the unparalleled separation of NanoLC with the high sensitivity of a Linear Ion Trap and the high performance of a Time-of-Flight mass analyzer. This unique hybrid design allows for operation in LIT mode for MSn (CID and ECD) or Q-TOF mode for MS/MS. The new and improved NanoFrontier eLD provides increased performance (sensitivity, resolution, and dynamic range) and a host of tools for the analysis and data processing of small and large biomolecules.

The NanoFrontier mass spectrometer can operate in four distinct analytical modes:

* LIT-TOF mode enables MSn analysis provided by the LIT.
* q-TOF mode utilizes an in-line quadrupole collision-induced dissociation (QCID) cell as an alternative fragmentation mechanism.
* TOF mode, in which analytes are guided directly into the TOF analyzer, enables high molecular weight range analysis.
* QuECD mode is a new high-throughput electron capture dissociation (ECD) analysis.

Prior to the launch of the NanoFrontier, ECD was only available in FTMS instruments. The time scale of ECD FTMS scans limits the ability to perform LC-based high-throughput analyses. The Hitachi NanoFrontier, with TOF MS, provides high-throughput intelligent control of combined ECD and CID scans for unparalleled interrogation of modified proteins.

The NanoFrontier LC/MS utilizes the Hitachi NanoFrontier nLC chromatography system with DEGS (Dual Exchange Gradient System, patent pending) technology for unparalleled gradient and retention time reproducibility at true nanoflow (50nL/min).

The Hitachi IBA (Information Based Acquisition) intelligent MS/MS provides enhanced protein information at reduced analysis time.

NanoFrontier Mass Spectrometer Specifications
MS mode measurement range: 100 to 25,000 (m/z)
Precursor ion selection range: 150 to 4,000 (m/z)
Resolution: 16,000(m/z 1,000) or over
MS accuracy: 2ppm with internal reference
Nitrogen gas: Pressure 0.65 MPa; Max. flow rate 2.5 L/min; Purity 99% (with Nitrogen gas generator) or 99.95% (with Nitrogen gas cylinder)
Helium gas: Pressure 0.35 MPa; Max flow rate 10 mL/min; Purity 99.9999%
Weight: 990 lb
Dimensions: 51in (w) x 32 in (d) x 55 in (h)
Power requirement: Single-phase 200V x 20A
Ambient temperature: 22 to 27 ˚C (-/+ 2 ˚C within a day)

NanoFrontier nLC Specifications
Max. pressure: 20 MPa
Flow rate range: 10 nL/min to 250 nL/min (gradient)
10 nL/min to 1,000 nL/min (conditioning)
Retention time reproducibility: RSD 0.5%
(Retention time of flow rate 200 nL/min)
Sample injection: (1) Autosampler: standard rack (200 vials) or optional 96-well plate rack; direct injection with volume 0.1 to 50¼LL; sample coolar to 4 degree C
(2) Manual injector (optional)
Dimension/weight: (w/ autosampler) W720 x L470 x H650 mm (85 kg)
(w/o autosampler) W340 x L470 x H650 mm (46 kg)
Power requirement: AC 100~240V ± 10%;50/60Hz
Ambient conditions: Humidity: 30~80%;Temperature: 15~30 degree C