Olympus PK7200 Automated Microplate System

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus PK7200 Automated Microplate System

Get the proven performance of patented microplate agglutination technology with the PK7200. The only fully automated blood testing system for donor ABO/Rh testing, the PK7200 also handles weak D as well as syphilis and cytomegalovirus antibody detection. The PK7200 Automated Microplate System delivers the very latest technology along with the proven reliability that for the past generation has tested over 90% of the North American blood supply.

The PK7200 provides remarkable throughput, processing up to 240 samples, or 2,880 test results, per hour. From introduction of samples to final results, the PK7200 incorporates all necessary system controls and data management.

* Self-monitoring of critical instrument processes with alarms for abnormal conditions
* True positive sample ID with readings for sample and plate bar codes, including ISBT code 128 labels
* Bar code identification and random access testing for quality control samples
* Full online status information and data transfer
* Customized test panels, reagents and sample reports
* Versatile quality control aids and analysis reports

The efficiencies of full automation make the PK7200 fast, easy, flexible and reliable:

* Integral rack feeders accept 120 primary samples
* Liquid level sensors
* User-programmable reagent volumes
* Protection from heat-related deterioration of reagents
* Improved test mixing
* Aspiration and dispensing with minimal maintenance
* Frequent and thorough cleaning of all probes and cups

The PK7200's CCD camera delivers image processing with state-of-the-art accuracy and sensitivity for optimal analysis and interpretation of results.