Pioneer VSX-1019AH 7-Channel A/V Receiver

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Pioneer VSX-1019AH 7-Channel A/V Receiver

Works with iPhone® Certified 7-Channel A/V Receiver Featuring HDMI® with 1080p Video Scaler.

* Works with iPhone® Certified with iTunes® Album Art
* 2nd Zone A/V Distribution with new Color On-screen Display
* HDMI® with 1080p Video Scaler (4 Inputs/1 Output)

Every component we design has the highest of standards, but the VSX-1019AH represents the pinnacle of our Pioneer receiver line.

This hub for your home entertainment center allows you to enjoy your favorite movies on Blu-ray Disc®, DVD or VHS on your flat-panel television like never before. With standard features that include a phenomenal ability to upscale and convert analog video signals to1080p when transmitted through HDMI® to your high definition television, the VSX-1019AH's video scaler presents you with nothing but the best quality possible today -  regardless of what video source it receives.

And as portable audio devices are now becoming a primary source of entertainment, it's also why the VSX-1019AH is Works with iPhone® certified. With this certification comes a myriad of benefits for enjoying your iPhone on the VSX-1019AH: easy connectivity with the front USB port and included cable -  even charging the device while connected; music and movies are automatically muted with incoming calls (no longer requiring you to put the phone in Airplane Mode); compressed music files are greatly enhanced by Pioneer's exclusive Advanced Sound Retriever technology; Auto Level Control maintains a consistent volume from to song to song and all this control is still possible from the palm of your hand through the iPhone® itself or the VSX-1019AH's remote.

Add the VSX-1019-AH's brand new color Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the ability for 2nd zone A/V distribution, and enjoying a Blu-ray Disc movie in the living room while someone else scrolls through iTunes® album art while listening to music in a bedroom is all but effortless.

But the benefits certainly don't stop there. With 4 HDMI inputs and 2 component video inputs the potential to expand your HD entertainment experience even further is not only a dream come true but also a technical reality.

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