Genius LuxeMate 3000 Wireless Desktop Kit

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Genius LuxeMate 3000 Wireless Desktop Kit

Quality Leading Wireless Desktop Kit For Great Enjoyment

LuxeMate 3000 is the latest Keyboard and mouse kit we are releasing that is designed to make your life and travels easy.

Wireless LuxeMate 3000 combines a slim multimedia keyboard and a mini optical mouse to upgrade your working efficiency as well as your productivity. Also, with 12 convenient hot keys, it allows instant access to the Internet and multimedia features that make your operation more enjoyable. In addition, the LuxeMate 3000 keycap design features great tactile feedbacks with its unique low-profiled key structure. This is a leading-edge design and is beyond your imagination for keyboard innovations.

Besides the innovative keyboard, LuxeMate 3000 also has a user-friendly feature: the power off switch for the Mini Navigator mouse. This prevents any unnecessary power consumption and extends the lifecycle of the batteries. For the convenience of frequent travelers, LuxeMate 3000 provides two uses for the price of one. The combination of mini mouse and dongle receiver offers great convenience for notebook users without taking up large space in your luggage or packs.

LuxeMate3000 is fashionable for its design and practical for its features and this is the new kit that you should not be missing out on.

Key features:

* New stylish keyboard, mouse combination designed to suit your PC style
* Cordless technology eliminates disturbing cord tangles
* Elegant slim multimedia keyboard: Compact design saves desk space
* Elegant slim multimedia keyboard:12 frequently used hot keys for fast access to multimedia and Internet features
* 800dpi wireless mini optical mouse
* Mini mouse with dongle receiver for easy travel

LuxeMate 3000
USB: Yes
Radio Frequency: 27MHz
Keycap Structure: Slim
Number of Hotkeys: 12
Wireless Optical: Yes (mini)
Resolution (dpi): 800
Number of Buttons: 3
Dongle Receiver: Yes
Batteries: AAAx4